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OrangeJuiceMan0 First time ever donating love everything you do keep it up and don't give up (possible mod?) $1.82
wiil_tv du er for nice :D $10.00
brun my girlfriend made me move to another country to support her vacation in the sun, then she dumps me after two weeks, goes back home to a guy shes apparently had for a few months FeelsBadMan now I'm stuck in a foreign country with no friends or family $4.00
UK_Pleb UK pleb here, this is $5 but to me it's almost £4,000 thanks to the recent #Brexit results. Pray for me my fellow memers. FeelsBadMan $5.00
SinnedDonut Hello. Is this TwitchEcho, the internet's premier viewbotting service provider? I would like 500 viewbots please. $3.33
fragged_dj new phone who dis? $1.00
yogan_spillage60 Yo Marksman! It's currently 1:30 AM in England! You are honestly the only Youtuber/Streamer that I watch every video of, keep up the awesome videos! I have genuinely become better at BO3 just from watching your videos $3.00